Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hello Cardie!

We stayed out of the house the whole of last weekend. It was a busy two days of darting around the city so I opted for something comfy that I could sort of live in the whole day.

It's been a busy couple of days because of exams, our thesis, and events so forgive my scarce presence in the blog-o-sphere these past few days. These photos were from last weekend, on one of those rare family things that lasted the whole day. There were lunch dates and dinner parties that were had, errands run, and siblings brought to school in the far north. 

Went for the basic bandage dress coupled with a cardigan for a more casual vibe. I needed the cardigan, anyway-- what I wore was a very tight, body-hugging dress that showed every bulge that accumulated from the lunch/dinner that was had. Pile on a few gold accessories and I was ready to gallivant around town with the family. 

Borrowed gray cardigan from Camille; Dress from a random supermarket;
 Grendha sandals; Aeropostale bag; Bedazzzle eye necklace;
 Old elephant necklace from shopping in Multiply.

Photos by Camille and my Dad.

(told you it was tight)

The weather's been nice and cold lately and I wish to get back to bed (and roll around in the sheets!) before the Philippines resumes its tropical country tendencies and decides that we are all to be scorched in the heat of the hot sun (again). Ohhhhlala it's been jacket weather and I love it!

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