Monday, January 28, 2013

The Ataris at McKinley Hill

Last week, I caught The Ataris play at Mckinley Hill.

My sister was insistent that we go to the gig. So, after rushing our dinner that evening, we went straight to The Fort (they played at Eastwood earlier that day).  It was a definite treat hearing all these familiar tunes that reminded me of my ehem*angsty-emo-teenage*ehem self.  It was probably because I was enjoying myself but felt like they didn't play long enough. But, even worse, we missed "In this Diary"! Ackkkk. Instead, we played that song en route home that night, singing as we went.

Here are just a few photos of the concert.

That last photo is my sister and how we hovered around the stage even after Ataris finished playing. The story about how after the show we scoured Venice Piazza for a bathroom without finding it is for another day.

CLICK HERE for more photos.

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