Thursday, January 3, 2013

I hurt.

The ability of a person to feel hurt and wretched for another's situation miles & miles away without ever even meeting them-- a fine example of the beauty and complexity of a human being; a fine example that all hope is not lost for those who are in need of help, but most importantly, that all hope is not lost for those who are caught in inaction and apathy.

-in reaction to watching Alkansya, a beautiful documentary by Kara David about Anthony, a boy who dives for sea cucumbers to earn money to help support his schooling.

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  1. They also had a re-run of this docu right after GMA's new year special last Jan 1 -- and it really did made me cry (i wasn't even paying full attention that time). To think that he just dreams of becoming a janitor just to have a steady source of income really broke my heart.


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