Thursday, December 8, 2011

Zebra Print Rain Boots: Just what I needed.

I was walking round the house, trying to get a feel of my Immersion Trip garb when I decided to take photos of my newest buy.

Say hello to these Zebra printed babies.

My sister and I had always wanted rain boots. She wanted them because she lived in Dapitan and I, well, I just wanted them. A few months ago, the sister got herself a pair from SM (she needed them for the flooded streets of Manila, I didn't since I was safe and dry in Alabang). They didn't offer decent looking boots with cute prints in ladies sizes so she ended up getting the biggest size from their kiddie boots collection.

I was at SM yesterday yesterday (still piling up on supplies for the immersion trip) and we figured boots could be very useful. I made a beeline for the kids section and was very disappointed upon the realization that even their biggest size wouldn't fit me.

"D*mn it, I'm gonna get myself boots today!", I screamed in my head (exagg ha). And, we did! I found these booties in the Ladies' shoe section. They finally have them in bigger sizes! These are from a brand named Jessica and they sell for PHP 499. Perfect!

Even the dogs loved them. They wanted to make friends.

Like I said, I was in my "Immersion trip" costume (and my favorite pambahay shirt, note the holes on the sleeves).

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