Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cravings, Katipunan

Visited Cravings, Katipunan last week with the family. Very pretty, spacious place, isn't that big chandelier just pretty? I love that they had a soup and salad bar, but I wasn't sold on their service.

The food was okay, I liked my mom's Cordon Bleu order best. They had very pretty food, presentation was awesome.

Chicken Cordon Bleu for Nanay.

Chocken ala Chef Jonathan for brother.  Expect him to have the sweet ulams.

 Baked Fish in Olive Oil. A health selection by Tatay.

My Sundays Best Roast Chicken Dinner. Yes, expect me to have heavy dinner portions during lunch time. 

 Sister's Sizzling Chicken ala Pobre.

Have I made you hungry yet? 

Cravings can be found along Katipunan, you can't miss it. 


  1. This post made me so hungry, especially the fish in olive oil.

  2. There's a Cravings in Festival, Coby! :)


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