Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nounou Pak Treatment at Azta Salon

If you've known me for a long time, you'd know that for the most part of my life I've had hair issues. I've had really short lion hair that poofed up, burnt rebonded hair, permed hair, permed hair with bangs, etc. 

It was awful.
Then again, I could attribute this to my want for people to caress my head (hence so many haircuts), and my impatience and belief that I could DIY anything (hence the unbelievably high frequency that Trish, my old dorm mate caught me cutting away at my hair inside our dorm room).

It is only now that I've learned to let my hair be. Sure, I still DIY my hair color but no more hacking away at my hair when I feel bored or depressed.

This is probably the longest I've had my hair, and the happiest I've been with it (except I dyed my hair purple days ago but it doesn't show, oh well).

I visited Azta Salon today to have their Nounou Pak Treatment done on my hair, courtesy of Bloodrush Diary (a cool online publication), here's what went down:

The Nounou Pak treatment supposedly protects from sun damage. Perfect for scorching Philippine summers! Perfect since I'm heading to the beach in a week.

 Slathering on the treatment goop on my hair, wrapping my head in cling wrap and a really nice mini head and back massage.

Rinsing and blow drying was up next.


To be fair, I think the drastic change in these photos owe much to the blow drying process.

I didn't realize I had this much hair till today!

Of course, a few hours after this whole process my hair doesn't look this straight anymore. My hair, just like Neil Patrick Harris, can never be straight– not that there's anything wrong with that.

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