Friday, May 25, 2012

How to find your one true passion

Don't move, don't do anything. Don't try things out, dont attempt to learn things, or better yourself. Assume it will find you like brilliance sometimes stumbles upon the most unsuspecting host. Believe that you have a talent somewhere that just needs to be accidentally discovered.

Get frustrated at how you haven't figured out your hidden gift. At this point the only thing your good at is making eye contact with the wrong type of boys.

Find a semi important/geeky/useless project you're semi good at (like cross stitching or skipping rocks). Fear that this may be your God given talent, despair at how Mozart had music, Picasso had art and you have this (cross stitching or skipping rocks).

Resolve that you don't need a talent. Accept that you will be living a mediocre life. Work a 9-5 so-so job. Try to function without much love or care for anything.

Get tired of the world, get tired of life. Stop the vicious cycle of monotony and unfullfillment. Quit, leave. Decide you will not settle. Wonder what spirit possesed you to think that you could live life this way.

Find a new hobby/job/interest. Find you love it. Get better at it. Fail, do everything over. Get better/worse, decide it's not for you.

Find a new hobby/job/interest. Hate it completely. Shudder at the thought of staying with this forever. Leave immediately.

Find a new hobby/job/interest. Become undecided about it.

Find a new hobby/job/interest. Repeat previous steps until you find what you are looking for.

Keep trying. Know that it is out there. Laugh in the face of doubt and adversity.

Realize you may never find it but be thankful of the journey and the drive to seek out for it. 

Insist on looking, never give up.

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