Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Manila Music Festival: A night to celebrate music

 Last night, the group behind the Malasimbo Music Festival held the very first Manila Music Festival. The event was held on the Aseana Grounds, a vast open space near MOA.

Local bands including Razorback, Sinosikat, Wilabaliw, and Kwjan serenaded the crowd. International talents like Afrika Bambaataa, Shinichi Osawa, and Ali Shaheed Muhammad.

A first in Manila, the organizers hope this is the first of many festivals to come. It was a night of beer, music, and dancing. My only regret was opting to bring my digicam instead of the DSLR.

I arrived at around 6 p.m. to escape the Philippine heat we've been experiencing lately, such a shame I missed the water gun fights!

Sinosikat was the first band I caught. 

The lovely Sarah Meier hosted the event. (I am in love with her pants and her ear jewelry!)

Next came Kjwan. They played "Daliri"-- hearing them play that 7 year old song was the culmination of a high school dream.

(Here is Marc Abaya.. posing for my camera. Hah!)

(and showering himself with beer) 

 The electrical performance of Wilabaliw was next. I cannot imagine how they manage performing with the stunts they pull on stage-- Imean I get tired with a round of Guitar Hero!

 Finally Razorback was up! Yay! 

(Just because there are never enough shots of band drummers, here's Bri. )

 Ali Shaheed Muhammad before his set..

..and his view from the stage.

Had to go home soon after this, and it was too bad I missed the two other foreign acts. 
As you can see, the festival was awesome! I just wish they'd make tickets more affordable next time, I bet more people would definitely come.

Till the next Manila Music Festival!

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