Thursday, May 24, 2012

What happens when you're idle

Life isn't a beach. (Photo by Jun Rodriguez)
Time warps. It slows down into every useless minute that has passed which blends hour into hour. Time is irrelevant It is slow and it is endless.

You start praying that Peter realizes that that Olivia is his Olivia and that this is actually his real timeline, if not, you're just scrambling to watch all the previous Fringe episodes because dammit, you have to figure out how this whole dual universe thing works!

Cracked, Oddee, and Listverse become your automatic go to source for information.

You seriously consider playing that game your boyfriend has been crazy about, you are even curious about this while Diablo III thing.

You've been reading every tweet, every status update on your Facebook/Twitter timeline. You know where that girl you used to go to high school with ate lunch and that your ex just shaved his head.

Eating 5 cupcakes seem reasonable. Having then eaten said cupcakes, you go down your shame spiral and finish this self pitying process with time to watch 3 more Fringe episodes before dinner.

You agree to chaperon your sister when she practices her crazy maniacal driving. Scary, yes, it has become the most thrilling thing you've done in weeks.

You decide to get exercise and go jogging, give up when you realize that looking for the rubber shoes you last wore in '05 is too much of an effort.

9gag becomes boring, you've looked though the hot, trending, and vote pages. Playing with the iRage maker now.

3:00 in the afternoon, you're still in bed and you find yourself making a "What happens when you're idle" list...

That's cue for me to get up and start doing something productive.

If you're still reading this, you better get yo sorry as$ up, too.

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