Monday, May 21, 2012

On that Rappler internship

Maria Ressa commented on my exit piece! Gasp! 
Read more on my Rappler experience here: Those 300 hours in Rappler

Interns with Ma'am Maria, Ma'am Chay, Ma'am Beth and Ma'am Lala. (Photo from Loj Guinmapang)

My certificate with the Maria Ressa and of course, Chay Hofilena. (Photo from David Lozada)

The Palaro team! With Sir Josh, Sir David, Sir Rupert, Miss Natashya, and Kuya Tsarlllyyyy. (Photo from Loj Guinmapang)

I will miss Rappler! Remember: Tomorrow begins today (Photo form Joulo Visabella)

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  1. this is a good place to gain internship. im really jealous since i am a frustrated writer.hope you can write great articles like this


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