Monday, August 20, 2012

Black and White and Patterns and Family

Say hello to my dengue legs! Been getting better, but my legs are still red from the dengue rashes.

Long days at home call for some family time– which resulted to these photos (and a few more I'll be posting later on.)

We found the coolest matching dresses on sale at Naf naf, Cinderella a few weeks back. Perfect lazy dresses like the one I wore here and here.

Hi from my mom and sister.

Nafnaf shirt dresses on sale in Cinderella; Parisian Pumps on Camille; 
Sandals from CMG on my mom; Shoebox Clogs on me

I really hope to be coming back to school this week, as is obvious in the previous photo, been feeling pretty normal. We'll see what the doctor says. Crossing my fingers!

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