Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The ocean is calling

I figured these past few rainy days needed a bit of color. My new Urbanear Tanto earphones fit right into the outfit. That color is called "ocean".

DIY feather earcuff; F21 connector ring; Cocktail rings from Quiapo; 
Shoes from Celine; Vintage floral vest; Skirt from Shopwise; 
Urbanears in Ocean earphones 

Obviously, there is a forming obsession with long skirts. You simply cannot imagine how comfy they are! I am tempted to say I'd like to wear these skirts for the rest of my life, but when I said that at 14 about elephant jeans my father heard. And, well, I never wear elephant jeans anymore, but my father still laughs at me because of that statement.

I've had my share of laughs, too. The vintage floral vest I am wearing is vintage because my dad got us these, matching floral vests and shorts, from the States on one of his trips without the family. Would've been cool, only he got them for us years ago– Camille and I were probably in preschool. So no, we never did get to wear them. Until now. (They finally, finally fit!)

The pretty earphones are Urbanear, they've been sent over by the great people at Digits Trading Corp. They'll be launching their first concept store on the 14th of August at the Podium. They'll also be releasing their fall/winter collection meaning there will be three new yummy colors! My earphones are in a seaweed green they call "Ocean". Isn't it pretty? Matches my room perfectly!

You guys can win a pair of these beauties (or Urbanears Plattan, Plattan Plus, Medis, Medis Plus, Bagis) by joining their ongoing contest. You don't have to own Urbanears to join. Good luck!

You can find Urbanears in the following stores:

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  1. J'ai très envie de te serrer contre moi et de me frotter contre ta jupe longue


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