Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pho Hoa, Alabang Town Center

A favorite restaurant of the family would be Pho Hoa at Alabang Town Center.

Pho Hoa's Pho Nam, Gan 
Last month my parents went to Vietnam and had their fill of Pho. Too much of a good thing is bad, unfortunately. My father come home from their trip swearing off Vietnamese food– at least for a while.

After a few weeks, however, the family had to have their Vietnamese food fix. The whole thing with the last Vietnam trip had been forgotten.

And so we found ourselves in one of our restaurant staples, Pho Hoa.

And of course, the food:

Meal staples: Basil leaves, Mung bean sprouts (or Monggo) and lemon wedges.

Pho Nam, Gan (PHP 290 for a large bowl) is a favorite. This has flank and tendon with a pretty mild broth.

Pho Bo Kho (PHP 295 for a large bowl) is also called the Beef Stew. This has a tastier and spicier broth than the Pho Nam, Gan.

Eating all the Pho with Sriracha, the best chilli sauce– ever. This sauce taught me how to eat Pho! Long story short, I did not eat Pho before I discovered Sriracha. 

I now dip everything in a sauce of mixed hoisin and Sriracha.

Chien Dau Hu (PHP 240) is breaded tofu with mushroom and red pepper sauce. Also known as my family's only attempt to eat healthy. This dish is proof that tofu can be yummy.

 Grilled pork, Veggie and Fried Rolls Vermicelli bowl (PHP 280 for a large bowl)

And my Pho Hoa favorite, Minced Chicken with Mushroom Lettuce Wrap (PHP 255).

Me and my brother, we are full and happy kids. 

Pho Hoa


  1. Also a family favorite in our case. The vermicelli bowls, yes. And the pomelo salad which we cannot recreate no matter how hard we try.

    1. The Pomelo Salad! Yes, we also usually order that, but didn't when I took photos for this blog. And we also cannot recreate it (well I haven't really tried, but I'd like to).


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