Sunday, August 26, 2012

Banapple, Alabang Town Center

Banapple's cake collection
Anton, my brother, goes to Ateneo. Every time we bring him to Katipunan, I see two Banapple's on  both sides of the street in such close proximity to each other. I had always wondered about this cake place, could it be that good that one Banapple didn't suffice for the area?

I am an occasional cake lover meaning I prioritize my main course. Usually, when it comes time for dessert, I'm too full to eat– or at least too full to fully enjoy (since you should never say no to cake!) This is probably why I have never tried Banapple before this weekend.

The family decided to get dessert at the recently opened Banapple in Town Center. 

And for some reason, I was more focused on the cute chandeliers when we were ordering cake.

A hard choice had to be made: chocolate cake? or something else?

Camille ordered the Oreo cheesecake (PHP 110 per slice). Pretty good cheesecake but then it was too sweet for my taste.

I, on the other hand, ordered this thing that resembles a pile of graham cracker crumbs. Do not be fooled though. This is their Apple Caramel Crumble pie (PHP 100 per slice) and it  tastes so much better than it looks. The whole time this was in my mouth I was thinking: anak 'to nang apple pie at nang refrigerator cake. Ang sarap.

This is our table, halfway through those cakes. They don't really serve their cakes in those plastic containers but we wanted something we could keep them in in case we could't finish them.

Banapple also serves main courses. Definitely something I'm curious about. I'd love to come back and eat a whole meal there.

Nanay and Anton.

So yes, I think those two Banapples are justifiable. I understand now.

Came to Banapple for more cake today, here's what we had:

The Banoffee Pie (PHP 95 per slice)

and the Cherry Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake (PHP 110 per slice)

Again both were very good, the cherry and chocolate in that cheesecake was a match made in heaven. The Banoffee pie, well, see how good it is for yourself: 

Anton staring longingly at that final bite of Banoffee Pie we were leaving for Camille.

Read about our Banapple dining experience HERE.

Alabang Town Center 
Connecticut Greenhills
Katipunan 1 & Too
Tomas Morato
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Delivery: 212-1212


  1. Love Banapple, although I've only gotten to try their cakes for now. =)

    1. Same here! Planning to try their food soon. :)


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