Friday, August 24, 2012

Coca Cola Create My Beat App for the Olympics

Move to the Beat! How cool is this?

Which totally inspired this:

There is a reason why I stick to manicures and DIY projects: I am an obvious idiot when it comes to musical instruments. The boyfriend, who plays the drums for a living, has once tried to let me practice my drumming skills. Of course, chaos and a heated argument over my misplaced rhythm and timing ensued. So, I stick to stuff like Guitar Hero (when I'm not painting my nails, harhar!). Don’t get me wrong, not that I’m any good at the game, but at least I can manage the guitar controller on easy and the drums at beginner without failing the first level. Our Guitar Here drum pad has since then gone to ruin along with my hopes of becoming a musician.

But then, this amazing new app from Coca Cola has revived my dream of creating music (well, sort of. close enough for me). The Create My Beat app composes beats for users depending on their Facebook profiles. As if that weren’t enough, it also lets users customize their own beats. This is then compiled into a video with photos of you from your Facebook page.

My favourite stills from the video the Coke App generated

The app gave me a Volleyball/Rock beat. After tinkering with it, and a few beats later, I found my favorite one (all sports/dance): 

Niiiice, riiiiiiight? 

This beat is definitely stuck in my head. Coca Cola’s Create My Beat app was launched in support of the Olympic Games. What makes this whole thing incredible is that the sounds used to create the beats are actually sounds athletes of different sports make– from an athlete’s breathing throughout a run, to a ping pong ball smashing against a table, or even an archer shooting an arrow. How cool is that?

In this year’s London Olympics, 11 Filipino athletes were sent to compete for the gold– they are all champions in my book! 

Because of the MyBeat App, Filipinos were able to support our athletes by ‘making noise’ online. Our musical cheer made up for us not being there in the stadiums! Experience and share in this happiness by using the MyBeat App and creating our own individual Olympic cheer. Since Coca-Cola made the app available even after the Olympics, that means YOU could still make your beats to add to the global counter and get a chance to win great prizes! (They're giving away a Samsung Galaxy S3!)

Photo from Coca Cola President for Happiness Facebook Page

Have fun, Cheers!

Coca Cola is the official drink of the 2012 London Olympics.


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