Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stop giving me that look

You've seen how much I love dogs. I love dogs so much, I look forward to passing through E. Rodriguez and checking out Mang Rudy and his dogs (I just saw them earlier and the sight still makes my heart melt.)

There is nothing quite like having dogs. Like different people, each dog has his (in our case, her) own characteristics, mannerisms, and temperament. 

Nala the dog, for example, likes attention so much she automatically rolls on her back, ready to accommodate belly rubs, every time you try to pick her up or give her the slightest bit of notice. Misty craves for attention and she'll take it from anyone who will give it to her. Mimi the smallest chihuahua, however, is aloof and uncaring. But then, she gives you that look– and then you realise: you love her already.

All dogs have that look. 

Tell me you love them already, I won't be surprised.


  1. aaawww.. how many dogs do you have? looks like a lot :)

  2. Ang cute ng doggies mo! gigil naman :)

    1. They are so adorable! It's like we have a pack of cute dogs here. Hahaha!


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