Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sunny Daze

Just because the sun has been shining.

Remember my DIY top from here and here? It seems they are of use not only on the beach. Planning to make more of these cut out shirts. What do you think?

Thanks to my sister for most of these photos
My new sandals sent over by Jelly Nelly (and my still visible dengue rashes). Aren't they pretty? They're made of eco-jelly which means they're environment friendly. Read more about Jelly Nelly on WIM here.

They remind me of the jelly sandals I used to have growing up. At some point, I sliced open the jelly from those sandals to see what was inside the very pretty material. There was nothing inside and I broke my sandals. Never slicing sandals again, they are too pretty to be ruined by curiosity.

DIY Feather ear cuff; ROXY watch; Necklaces and bracelets pasalubong 
from the Boy (straight from Cebu, Dumaguete, etc.); 
Bazaar Chiffon Blazer; DIY cut out shirt; Jelly Nelly sandals

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