Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Long Skirts: perfect for cold movie houses

I was so comfy in the theatre, I felt like I had a blanket.

What if I told you this outfit cost me PHP450? (sans shoes)

My friends always tell me that I have a gift for finding great bargains. Personally, I think I'm just kuripot (nyahahaha). This is what they were talking about.

I've been looking for the perfect a-line skirt and I found a couple branded ones but I wasn't too happy about the price. Diligence paid off and I fond the wonderful skirt in (of all places) Shopwise for less than PHP 300. Perfect, yeah? The shirt is also from the said supermarket, I think it cost me PHP 150.

The bead necklace and the belt was gifted to me, and the rosary necklace is a DIY project.

The hair is the result of looking through photos of girls with braids on the net and a little spare time in the boring classroom.

Shoot me, ang arte arte ko. 

Shopwise shirt and skirt; DIY rosary necklace; ROXY watch; Steve Madden Sandals; gifted belt


  1. Nice outfit, especially the belt! I found cool short shorts in Shopwise in Libis din. I admit, they have great offerings.

    I've been wanting to do the braids lately, too, but I'm too tamad. Haha!

    1. Yeah! Photos of braids have been popping up online, so many style inspirations! I wanna do a different style next time. :)

  2. J'ai très envie de te serrer contre moi et de me frotter contre ta jupe longue


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