Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY Tape Mancure: Colorful Triangles/ Choose Philippines Themed

These last few days has left me busy with Tick-Talkative and tinkering with the laptop. After switching my Air with a Macbook Pro, I've been glued to the now 13 inch screen for days now. After a whole week of sleepless nights and the development of a small twitch in my eye from hours of staring at the lcd, I managed a small break yesterday to paint my nails. This short recess proved useless as the manicure I was going for involved letting each layer dry, and the time spent drying them was still time spent in front of the computer.

The manicure turned out this way:

And now the tutorial:

 I used Tangerine and Blueberry both from Caronia's Tropical Doll Collection and Sweet Surprise. I love these colors, but I especially love this Tangerine polish. I've been looking for this shade ever since I got myself a UV Jennifer Lynn Gel polish manicure with this exact color. The perfect shade of red-orange!

Yellow on first: painted my nails with Sweet Surprise as the first coat.

After the first coat fully dries, use tape to cover the area of your nail you do not want covered by the next color of polish. Paint over the nail and tape, I used the Tangerine polish for my next coat. 

Wait a few seconds before pulling the tape off. Voila! But I didn't stop there.

After the second Tangerine coat dries.

 And there you go.

Such an easy, eye grabbing manicure– prompted a lot of "oohs" and "ahhhs" from my classmates. One classmate, Tim, even suggested that it looked like Choose Philippine's logo. This resulted to a frantic Googling of said logo. Here's what we found:

Photo from the Choose Philippines Facebook page

I, for one, am amazed at this coincidence.

What do you think?

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