Friday, July 6, 2012

Etude House: Precious Mineral BB Cream and Surprise Essence Concealer

Found myself in the overwhelmingly pink store that is Etude House the other week. The korean brand carries almost all of your beauty necessities– from eye shadow to nail polish, they have it all.

I decided to get myself a tube of their Precious Mineral BB Cream, a steal for around 700 php. I also got their Surprise concealer, super affordable at around 300 php.

With that 1,000 plus purchase, they gave me this really cool sticker. Something to help with cellphone radiation or something. Really cute, too.

Precious Mineral BB Cream

Their BB Cream is admittedly thicker than the usual brand I use. This can be tricky when it comes to application. I am usually hurrying when I pile on my BB cream in the morning the thicker consistency can be a little trickier to apply. I sometimes end up leaving the house with BB cream splotches on my face.

Before & After
 (nothing but the BB Cream)

Surprise Concealer

I honestly have no idea why this is called "surprise".

But then... Surprise! No more dark circles!

This eye with BB Cream only/                               This eye with BB Cream and Surprise concealer

Verdict? Such cool, cute stuff coming from a cool, cute pink store.

I am no authority on make up and I do tend to just pile things on my face, but I think these two products work for me. 

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