Thursday, July 26, 2012

DIY Tape Manicure: Boxes with Borders

This technique is turning out to be a favorite!

A new spin on the tape manicure.

Like I mentioned before, I am obsessed with Caronia's Tangerine Polish.  I used a glittery orange polish from Bobbi and a peach Face Shop polish as base.

A few pieces of cut up tape served as the borders. I stuck them on to my nail, dividing the surface into 4 unequal squares. I then proceeded to paint the boxes, taking extra care that I don't go over the tape. Be careful when removing the tape, sometimes too much polish can stick to it and ruin the design. 

I love how this manicure looks up close, but from a distance it just looks as if there are orange splotches on your nail.

What do you think? Trying this soon with different colors!

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