Monday, July 23, 2012


Okay, I admit it: I only post outfit posts when I'm a little lazy to write and I want something up on my blog.

It's nothing against fashion bloggers, I know it's pretty hard to dress up and look as good as those girls do. I can only wish that I had the patience to put together impeccable ensembles day in and day out. Aside from what I see online on those girls and what my friend JC tells me, I know squat about fashion. (Well, okay. I know a little- Ann Demeulemeester, and Jeremy Campbell, Proenza Schouler (etc.) creating more wants for me!)

Truth is on normal days, I refuse to be bothered by anything but jeans. Think about these outfit posts as my personal experiment, my foraging into the fashion world to find my individual identity.

And yeah, whatever, I still am a girl so I like shoes and photos.

Stop judging me.

Chain Harness I made (yes I get bored and get productive); Robinsons Department store bandage skirt; my sister's purple Kashieka jacket/sweater/thing; Gray oxfords from Taiwan's Shilin Night Market

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