Monday, July 23, 2012

My congratulations to Lej and why this semi- sucks for me.

Last weekend, Lej invited us to lunch to celebrate the college degree he had just earned.

Lej thanking God for the food on the table, and also that piece of paper he worked his butt off for 7 years, I bet.

The whole thing was bittersweet for me because on one hand:
(1) a friend was graduating, finally, 
(2) we got to eat good food, and
(3) I got to meet up with good friends I have not been seeing of late.
On the other:
(1) it was not me graduating, I still have a year to put in,
(2) it was not me graduating, and
(3) it was not me graduating.

I therefore conclude to rationalize my remaining time in college by thinking that all this time learning is "character building" (will not follow with a debate on whether or not I need more "character",  that deserves a separate blogpost altogether).

Anyway, Lej, I am truly happy (and a little bit jealous, okay, a lot) for you. I will join your ranks in a year.

So, that afternoon, I drowned my sorrows with food! 

 Via Romana's Aubergine Filo Wrap, Crispy Kare-kare, and Paella.

When my tummy is happy, I feel happy.  Meet my goofy friends:

Jamba juice and Bri looking unhappy about it.

Channeling Sex & the City and 

Jayce channeling his sweet behind.

That's all for now, loves. Till the next 20 something frustration– check out Tick-Talkative for quarter life issues and more. 

And Lej, Congratulations, I mean it. I, of all people, would know how hard it is to earn that degree.


  1. time does fly! you're a graduate now, isah. Congratulations, again! :-) -susie

    1. Thanks, Susie! You are the sweetest! :)


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