Monday, July 16, 2012

Don Limone, BF: "Fine Food & Spirits, Great Cheesecakes"

Last week, I got to try a New York-Italian restaurant here in our very own BF Homes.

Don Limone on Aguirre is definitely an experience!

Don Limone's Chicken Espetada

A while back, had a meet up at the Scarlet Wine Lounge. For the first time, I got to meet other people behind WIM articles. Since then, I've had more correspondence with fellow writers.

Last week, Mark (also of, invited me to tag along on one of his food features. He was going to feature a restaurant in BF with WIM writers Ivica (who also blogs for and Roanne (WIM resident videographer)– how could I say no?

Last Thursday night, I went on my first food adventure with fellow WIM bloggers.

Don Limone, sits beside Tavern Asia on Aguirre. Their simple facade is the complete opposite of their interiors. The place had great ambience, reminiscent of those quaint Italian pizzerias you see on TV.

 Allen and Betty, the couple behind Don Limone, have had their share of restaurant experiences. The two met in Kuwait while working in the food industry, Betty is a pastry chef and husband Allen is also a chef. Allen, an American, told us about working in restaurants all over the world. When asked why they decided to open here of all places, Allen jokingly says something about marrying a Filipina and ending up in the Philippines.

Don Limone serves Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Lemons are used in most of the dishes offered and the lemon rind are turned into their famous Limoncello (an alcoholic lemon drink, 30% alcohol, I am told). The restaurant has only been opened for 5 months, and business is good. When we were there, people were coming in at 9:00 p.m.– not surprising, Don Limone is a refreshing alternative to commercially available pizzas we consider to be Italian food. Their attention to detail and flavor is amazing.

Let me walk you through our food adventure:

 First up were margaritas!

 Tapas: Meatball Al Forno - meatballs in mozzarella; Hummus En Fuego - served with cheese, olives and basil; and Poppers - pepperoni, cheese, and potato on roasted bell peppers. 

 Limone Arrosto - this pizza is topped with grilled ingredients. Chicken, basil, olives, cheese (plus so much more), and no tomato sauce. 

The most interesting of the bunch: Porkloin with Pomegranate sauce and couscous.

The Chicken Espetada when it was first served to us. Hanging the skewered chicken on top of the rice and salad mean no chicken drippings went to waste. 

Fish and Calamari in pistachio sauce wrapped in some sort of bread or pita. 

For desert, a limoncello cheesecake. I found the limoncello  flavor too overwhelming, though. 

This cheesecake, probably the best I've ever had. The raspberry top and the purple yam (note: UBE) bottom with the cranberry sauce was perfect! Their cheesecakes are creamy and tasty.

To end the meal, limoncello shots! I was pleasantly surprised at how sweet they were, but boy, you'll know that these are alcoholic when you down them. With 30% alcohol content, that's just 10% less than tequila– not that I'm complaining though, these things are good.

Shots with Mark and Roanne!

And yes, we have a strict shoot before you eat rule. That's Mark, Ivica, and Roanne. 

(02) 345 1803 
# 199 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, 1720 ParaƱaque

Hope you had as much fun reading this blog entry as I did while I  was eating this, but I highly doubt that. Until the next food adventure!


  1. with all the blogs about Don Limone we tried it out. Unfortunately it was not a "wow' experience for us. Salad was not too exceptional and I found it pricey at P245. Pasta was ok. Pizza nothing extraordinary. Maybe its the food that you order but it means the restaurant can give you a different impression and is not as consistent.

    1. Sorry to hear that. I guess it really also depends on individual tastes.

      Thank you so much for letting me know about your food experience, though. Cheers!

  2. Being from all over the world I say the taste is really authentic. Kasi kung di naging "wow" I think is because of acquired taste lang. Objectively the guys behind this restaurant go for authenticity and for really discriminating gourmands the food they serve is "WOW" considering the price.


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