Monday, July 30, 2012

Satay Restaurant

It cannot be said that I do not eat. I love eating as much as the next man, woman, or barbarian you can find. Most of the time, I ruin great food blogging opportunities because I get so excited when the food is served that I forget to take photos. 

Satay's Pad Thai
 The other day, we visited Satay along Pasong Tamo Ext.
Satay is a restaurant established partly by Brian's brother Chris, who graduated from The Center for Asian Culinary Studies under Chef Gene Gonzales. Before this venture, he was a chef for Buenisimo under Chef Gino Gonzales.

Satay specializes in Asian Fusion cuisine.

I ordered myself a serving of Pad Thai. One of the best I've had and for PHP 150 a plate, I was so delighted I wanted to order more for breakfast the next day.

Brian had the Beef Curry. Halfway through the meal after he finished his first cup of rice, he sat there wondering if he should give in to the temptation of another cup of rice. He decided against it and had what remained of his order to go, perfect for the next day's breakfast, he says. 

Soon after this meal, we watched a film and Bri slept through the whole thing. As the movie ended, I woke him up and he said, "I was dreaming of curry."

My friend Pat ordered their Tom Yum soup. Of course I got excited and I totally forgot to take photos. PHP 150 gets you a big bowl. I love how perfectly spicy it is. 

Satay is located in the Allegro Building on Pasong Tamo Ext.

And, one last look before I devour this plate of goodness (and yes I finished all of it).

I will definitely come back to Satay– I resolve to try my hardest to hold off the temptation of food to take a few food shots.

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