Saturday, July 28, 2012

DIY Tape Manicure: Boxes with Borders 2, Mod Nails

As promised, another tape manicure DIY with different colors.

The initial inspiration to this manicure was something like this dress pattern:

I picked out Caronia's Summer Fling, Blueberry, Sweet Surprise, and African Plum. 

Since I needed a black base, I used African Plum. I never use black on my nails, they make my hands look short and stubby. Instead I use this dark purple shade, it looks black enough and better with my complexion. 

My sister and I saw this neon pink Chic nail polish on one of our drugstore runs and I had to have it. Used on this manicure since I wanted a neon accent. It didn't come out as good as I imagined it though, the plum base drowned out the color.

Basically, the same procedure from the last tape manicure applies. Check out the first one here.

And there you go! I chose not to paint all my nails for added effect.

What do you think? Like this one or the last one better?

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