Friday, July 27, 2012

No more videos

I just found out that all my videos have not been saved properly. Since exporting them all from my iPhoto, I haphazarly clicked through every prompt without reviewing the settings. For months now, I have been saving all my video files in JPEG. So there, all my video files gone. Some may argue that they were never really there in the first place (shut it, smartie-pants, I say to you.) I find no way to retrieve them,  since I have already deleted the same videos from my iPhoto.

I just feel so sad, I want to eat the other half that remained of the 1.5L Reese's ice cream I binged on earlier. Now I have cause to gorge myself with food and wallow in a state of serious depression.

Sure, I'm overreacting.

But look at how cute the videos were:

(Yes, only screenshots were left)

Among the collateral were videos of the doggies I've collected through the past months for a project.

 And footage of the speech Maria Ressa and the Rappler team gave our intern batch when we graduated. Plus, a lot of other cool clips of things and memories.

Of course, a lesson will be born out of all of this. It may be something along the lines of being cautious, or patient, or something. I dunno, all I learned to do was change the settings of my iPhoto program from 'export as jpeg' to 'export as original'. And that ice cream is a good answer to all hurts.

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  1. I am sure that this one is showing creativity at its best. They are simply looking great and awesome.


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