Monday, November 12, 2012

Alba Spanish Buffet

For my sister's birthday this year, we decided to dine at Alba.

Me and my family's love for food is no secret. My parents always told me to save, but never on food. Growing up, they brought us to different restaurants so that we could try different cuisines. 

Now that we're all a little older, schedule prevents us from being together most of the week. The weekends are usually time for family and food. This weekend was extra special, though. Camille turned  22 this week, and (aside from bringing home tons of gifted chocolate and cake) that means we get to go to a good dinner!

We've been hearing so many good things about Alba, especially since they now have a branch in Alabang. We finally decided to try it. Last night, before bringing my brother Anton back to his place in Katipunan, we dined at Alba, Tomas Morato.

Alba is the "home of traditional Spanish cooking". From what we heard, they serve a great buffet spread.

We walked into a very nice, formal looking dining set up with a little rustic feel. The mood was complete when the musicians started playing. Great ambiance.

Now, for the buffet:

I apologize for not being able to take photos of their whole spread. It was very hard as there were always other diners and I often got distracted by the food. You do not know how many times I walked up to the spanish buffet with the intent of taking photos but coming back with plates of food.

And now here is (some of) what we had:

Delicious soup! I didn't catch the name but with garbanzos, cabbage, and noodles, this was definitely something that tickled my appetite.

Appetizers. Now, before you judge the ridiculous amount of clam on my plate, know that I had more than pictured above (hahahahaha). I love clams and these ones baked in cheese and garlic were no exceptions. Also above is their Ceasar's salad, a croquette, mushrooms, different pate's, something with a spinach topping, and salami slices. All very delicious.

For the main course:

Some of my father's Cochinillo.

Seafood paella,buttered veggies, roast beef, grilled fish, and lengua from my plate and my dad's plate. The fish was a favorite in the family, it was cooked perfectly.

More clams for me!

More grilled shrimp, beef and pasta for my father.

Off to desert and the many times we had it at that meal:

Alba offered fruits, Leche flan, brazo and that delightful mango ref cake like dessert that is a recurring resident in the past photos.

Here we are being happy about everything.

The family that eats together, stays together. Thank you, Alba, we had a wonderful time. Yeah, so much for my lame exercise attempts. Buffets trumps exercise any day.

For PHP 695 per head, this sort of proves that money can buy happiness.


  1. interesting read insan, now i think i have to ask you guys more on where to eat, especially tito jun who i really idolize when it comes to exotic cuisines hehe,now i can't wait to check alba out before the year end, thanks for sharing this again, God bless always

    1. Thank you so much for visiting! Glad to have helped. I hope you enjoy your visit to Alba :)


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