Friday, November 2, 2012

Unboxing the BDJ Box and the Belle de Jour 2013 Planner

Last week, I blogged about going to the BDJ Box launch. I took home a Belle De Jour planner and a BDJ Box for myself that day. Do you want to see what's inside?

 The BDJ Box

The very first BDJ Box has the theme "Parisian Pretty". It focuses on the beauty basics, a good beauty regimen for your skin, face, and hair.

Let's open the Box!

The BDJ Box has everything you need to "unbox your beauty"!

Visit to subscribe and get your own Box for just PHP 480 per month.

Belle De Jour Power Planner 2013

The Belle De Jour planner is specially designed for the modern and stylish Filipina.

This year's power planner comes with your own Belle De Jour lifestyle card which serves as your ID to BDJ events and even discounts.

I've never seen a planner more thoughtful and in tune with today's girls. The planner also features quick tips, dream boards, a wardrobe checklist, a finance checklist, and even a menstrual calendar! Don't forget the coupons, there are literally tons of great discounts and freebies to be had courtesy of BDJ.

And oh, the pretty colors and pictures. Such a cutesy planner!

So yeah, I'm very excited to start writing on my BDJ planner. Been staring at it and counting down the days to the new year.


  1. I'll admit...parang ayaw kong sulatan ang BDJ Planner ko kasi baka pumangit sa sulat ko, hahaha! You're right..."cutesy" is the word! :)

    1. Haha! Yes, CUTESY!
      Thanks for dropping by, Myla! :)

  2. did the box came with the BDJ 2013 planner? Or you purchased it separately? :)

    1. Hello, they are sold separately. But, good news, BDJ has a promo! Purchase a year's subscription of the BDJ box and get the planner for free. :P
      More info here:

  3. I like it better than SB's planner hehe! One of my christmas wish list. =)


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