Saturday, October 27, 2012

The BDJ Box Launch

The other, other day, I went to the BDJ Box launch.

I've always known about Belle De Jour planner. Though I have not personally had my own BDJ planner, I have always seen these planners with friends and I've always thought they were the prettiest things. When I got the invite for a Belle De Jour event, I was literally jumping for joy.

Belle De Jour launched the BDJ Box, a "monthly beauty product discovery subscription service".

The event was held at Slice BHS (which I blogged about here). The place was filled with the loveliest girls. What do you expect from an even filled to the brim with beauty bloggers, right?

Kat Dy, the former fashion editor of Cosmo, and now managing director of BDJ Box hosted the event. With BDJ Box Beauty Ministry Members Erica Paredes, Nicole Romero, and Tara Cabullo, she told us more about the Box.

Tara Cabullo, Nicole Romero, Erica Paredes, and Kat Dy (all looking so pretty!)

A cute Tara Cabullo moment captured on cam

So what exactly is the BDJ Box?

photos from BDJ

The BDJ Box aims to help the Filipina discover and learn what beauty products best work for her. Upon subscription, you get the monthly BDJ Box: an assortment of recommended samples depending on your profile. This means free trials of products that actually fit you (no more buying big tubes of beauty products then realizing they aren't for you, great right?).

The BDJ Box website offers more helpful tips and articles from the BDJ Beauty Ministry, and even from other readers-- "the best online beauty resource in the Philippines".

More than anything, the BDJ Box aims to establish a community that helps each other discover each Filipina's beauty.

And just so we could try the BDJ Box experience for ourselves, we got to take home a Box!

Wondering what's inside the first ever BDJ Box? Dooooon't you worry, more on this soon. :)
Ohh! Also got myself, finally, my own Belle De Jour Planner! Blog on that later, too! 

More photos from the event:

 New blogger friends: Carmi, yours truly, Margaret, JoTan, and Marinette.

And again, with the beautiful and funny Kat Dy.


  1. Hi Isa! I had sooo much fun at the event! Nice to meet you :-)Looking at the photos, you are margaret are both sporting the ombre hair pala :-)

    1. Great meeting you girls, too! Until next time! Yeah, Margaret and I both have ombres. Hehe


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