Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Comfy clothes for a roadtrip.

As I write this, I find myself still in Bicol vacationing. A few days by the sea have been doing me so much good. The unbelievably slow internet from my father's phone, however, has stopped feeding my internet addiction.

Time to get out and experience the world, they say. I sit here waiting for the page to load and instead listen to the ocean waves softly rolling in and out of the shore.

These photos were taken as we arrived in Naga after a whole day of driving. We had late lunch courtesy of Tita Cynthia at Tita Ruby's house. After a wonderful, wonderful meal, we just had to take photos in her beautiful garden.

Vintage sweater; DIY cut out shorts; Grendha sandals

All photos with my hair down by Camille and the rest by my father.

And so, I have been stuffing myself with great food and a lot of fresh ocean air.
Will blog about this trip more later, for now, more fresh air and the smells of the ocean.

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