Saturday, October 13, 2012

Strict Regimen

Last week in camo.

I apologize for the posts, or the lack thereof. The final stretch of this semester is proving to be very, very busy and it doesn't help that I've been sick with coughs and colds.

(so yes, forgive me as I've been dressing in jeans in sneakers these past few days)

I was going to wait until the term was over, and everything's done to start blogging again but I found the theme of this outfit so fitting with what's been happening lately. My schedule has become a strict regimen of sleep (or lack of), school, shoots, and video editing.

Parisian shoes; Human polo; Headware used as a tube; Pants from SM;
 DIY rosary necklace; Dogtags from Phil Dogtags; Shades from Onymous Online Shop

Photos from Ryan.

When these photos were taken, the bags under my eyes were forming in epic proportions and they've gotten bigger since then. The solution? Sleek shades. 

Hope you liked my take on the camouflage trend!


  1. I like the shoes! <3 At napansin ko talaga ung nails mo, ganda! DIY? :)

    xx, Kaze.

    1. Haha! Thanks! Yes! I used nail stickers! :)

    2. Namimiss ko mag-nail stickers! T-T Haha! Akala ko marble effect ung nails mo sa pics! Havey! :)))

    3. Good idea! Will try to do a marble mani with those colours. :)


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