Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mang Rudy's best friends

A while back, I found online the most heartwarming story about a man who lived in the streets and took dogs in

After passing him on E. Rod so many times I finally found an excuse to meet him.

Mang Rudy calls the side of this busy street home. On a hot afternoon, he sits with his dogs and attends to the car parked by the road– his source of income. We walk towards him and we a greeted by a seemingly small, weathered man wearing a camouflaged shirt. As I move nearer the area, I notice a bowl of water filled with ticks from the dogs.

Mang Rudy takes care of 20 dogs and a few cats. He lives along E. Rod corner Banawe in his kariton with these animals and he considers every single one as family.

He tells us that dogs are meant to be loved no matter how sick or ugly they are. This homeless man nurses most of these dogs to health, most of which, surprisingly, already have shots and vaccines.

After we talked and in the middle of the scorching sun, Mang Rudy sat down with his dogs and proceeded to take out more ticks. They sit there on a hot afternoon, man and his dogs, obviously sharing mutual affection.

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  1. Thank you for writing about the plight of street dogs.
    Please consider supporting and sharing 600MillionDogs.org's project - developing a single dose, ORAL, permanent birth control dog food, designed for distribution (on a nonprofit basis) to innocent stray dogs around the world. This is a wonderful solution that can finally break the cycle of constant breeding, suffering and killing.
    Thank you,
    Kim (volunteer)


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