Monday, October 29, 2012

Cafe Dominic

Cafe Dominic's cake selection.
Cake buffet–– the stuff that dreams are made of. Last Friday, I found myself having unlimited cake and coffee at Cafe Dominic's.

I found myself way up north last Friday to meet up with my co-interns who are mostly northerners. Aside from the fact that I haven't seen these guys for months, my interest was sufficiently piqued when someone mentioned unli cake. 

Cafe Dominic, found on the corner of Quezon Ave and Biak na Bato gives you the option of unlimited cake and coffee for PHP 200. Who knew happiness could be so cheap?

What's also great about this cute little cafe is that it's one of those comfortable little nooks you could stay for hours in. There are comfortable chairs and free wifi. No wonder there were so many reviewing students when we got there.

And so, the dream came true when I started on the cakes. The coffee selection is either served hot or iced. Who knew cold black coffee could be so good? And it tastes perfect with cake!

Now, the cakes I had:

The first cake before and after.

Dulce de leche cake, or something of that sort.

More chocolate cake (with wondrous yema icing)!

And (I think) a Pecan pie.

Yes. I ate a total of four slices before I had to leave. Next time, must stay longer.
I heard that they served cheesecake after I left (I can't believe I missed that!!).

All that cake was a wonderful, wonderful experience (except I had a tummy ache after all that sugar but all worth it!). All cafe's should definitely have this unli cake option!

And here I am with my sugar high, cake monster friends Ken and Eeruh. He had 2 slices and she had 5. Eeruh wins. (I promise to beat you next time!)

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