Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weekender mid-week

A weekend look worn in mid week.

The luxury of having nothing to do quickly wears off once boredom sets in. I have been on my bed, sleeping and dreaming of possible DIY projects, far longer than a functioning person should be staying in bed for.

Because of all this (momentary) free time on my hands, I've been accompanying my parents out. Yesterday, I went to Manila with my father and then to Starbucks to grab something to drink (of course, I ended up having a sandwich with that Frapp because when I'm bored I eat).

Tomorrow, I'm going boxing; the beginning of my resolution to exercise.

Hopefully, I also will be able to start a few DIY projects, too.

Dress from Robinsons Supermarket; Tomato Bag; 
Jelly Nelly sandals; F21 shades; DIY necklace; ROXY watch

Photos by Anton.

Crossing my fingers and hoping for a more productive rest of the week!

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