Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Coke, Open Happiness: Christmas Blowout

I saw this earlier and I realised: It's Christmas time!
('tis the season to be jolly, Tralalalala-lala-la-la)

The season of carols and gift giving is upon us!

If there's one thing I love about Christmas time, it's all the food! And, if there's one thing that's constant as each year passes, it would be the Filipino tradition of the handaan.

Year after year friends and loved ones prepare feasts fit for the whole baranggay. The love and effort put in each spread shows how much we value the holidays. But more than the festivities, this shows how we value each and every person and how thankful we are for  having each other in this season.

May favourite from last year's spread, Christmas cupcakes 
we baked and custom designed for each friend:

(more on these Christmas cupcakes here)

Aside from the fun, festivities, and celebrations, another thing I've found to be a constant with family and friends, year after year would be having Coke on the table with each meal-- no handaan is ever complete without Coke!

See Exhibits A, B, and C. Can you spot the Coke?

Eww, I look so gross here.

(These are actual photos, from years past, of me with my 
lovely friends and the unwitting Coca Cola cameos.)

So having proved my point about Coke (and how we Filipinos are undoubtedly addicted to it and the holidays), I give you the COCA-COLA MILYUN-MILYONG PAMASKONG PA-BLOW OUT promo.  Coke celebrates the Christmas season and the Filipino community through this campaign.

In Coca Cola's 100th Christmas in the Philippines, they are giving one lucky winner the chance to take home  PHP 100,000 and a Christmas handaan for the baranggay! It's so easy to be part of this promo: In your next meal, look under the Coke's cap for a code and text this to ( COKE ) 2653 then wait to win!

Now, this is definitely reason to be happy. Share the happiness!

Connect with Coke here on the Coca Cola Website or the Coke Facebook Page. You can also follow them on the Coke Twitter.


  1. Haha! Awesome cupcakes and I see myself! :P

    1. Haha! Yes!!! You totally should've been there! :)


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