Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chill out/boring afternoons

Wore this vintage dress to meet friends at the mall one boring afternoon.

Boring afternoons-- seems I've been having a lot of those lately. 

So, I spent the other afternoon with friends. Good to get out and see people. If I didn't, I would have probably spent the whole day at home on my bed, surfing through channels (alas, Universal Channel, the only channel I ever watch, is no more), and falling in and out of sleep.

Vintage Esprit overall dress; Parisian bag; SM slippers; ROXY watch; DIY necklace

Say hello to my friends:

Jam, who is wondrously tall, and I.

Jam and Jayce (who took most of these photos)

--and his beautiful color coordinated shoes!

Wasted the day at Alabang Town Center, a mall I've been going to since I was a little girl. Oh, if only malls could talk (eep!).

I hope you've had a more productive week that I have been having.
(I promise to start exercising sooooooon.... if I could peel myself out of my bed, that is)


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