Sunday, October 7, 2012



This is not the first time I am writing a love letter, but this is the first time they are meant for your eyes. When I was younger I wrote dozens of these; dozens of these written in beautiful stationery filled with powerful, big words and  rash declamations all unmeant.

It isn't easy to write another one of these, you know. At some point in time I promised that never would I ever make another one, lest I find myself, again, at the foot of the ruins of another relationship, useless letters in hand and no one to love.

But, it was a few minutes ago, in those silent moments before sleep comes, when I remembered you: That song you used to play in the mornings and how you looked, smirking and in utter delight, when you caught me singing to it. I miss you, I realised. I need to see you.

But then there is no hurry– there is that whole lifetime together ahead of us. Tonight, I'll see you in dreams, my love.

I remember that song and it makes me smile. It seems I'll sing myself to sleep tonight.


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