Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On the Cybercrime Act, dogfighting, and my obvious lack of sleep.

I come home late from a busy (school) work filled day to this: the whole of the internet is rebelling, and our constitutional rights, I am told, infringed on.

Of course, some people believe that I need not worry my (malleable college student) brain over matters like this– not on finals week and a play performance the following day. But, at almost 2 a.m., I am up and I am thinking. 

Why should I care, why should we care? Because we are all online.

If you are not informed, put the internet to good use and get yourself informed.

I, on the other hand, shall return to that wonderful/gruesome dog fighting documentary I was watching.

I will write more about this later, at a more godly hour, when I finally gain back sensibilities from this school-finals week-auto-pilot. But, all I can say for now is that this debate on the Cybercrime Act DOES matter.

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