Sunday, October 21, 2012

Funky shorts

I wore the comfiest pair of shorts the other day, in what I've perceived to be the perfect casual outfit.

What can be called as "pambahay chic" (hahahaha. OMG, that is the silliest name) can be very tricky. Not to dressy, not too casual, not too made up, and not too blah. This effortless ensemble is a perfect laid back look. 

Ruins bazaar shorts; gifted belt; Bedazzled necklace; Department store shirt

Would you believe I got these shorts for PHP 100? 

Been spending the past few days with family and friends. I believe that time with people you love is time well spent.

My friend Jayce and I.

 Again, many thanks to Brian for taking most of these outfit photos and catering to my (blogging) whims.

Until later. Sister and I are currently in bed planning what we can and will be doing today. (Part of that long list includes swimming, a shoot, and driving to the mall-- only if we convince ourselves to get out of bed)


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