Thursday, October 25, 2012


Simple outfit for running around town.

It's been so hot out these past few days (thank God today isn't as bad). I was supposed to wear a long sleeved polo with these shorts a few days ago but Camille, my sister, insisted that it was too hot out for polo's and right she was. Do you notice my stressed out look in the photos? That's because we were sweating so bad while these photos were being shot!

All for the sake of blogging, I say.

Shirt from Cinderella; Shorts from SM; Sandals from Taipei;
 DIY earcuff and necklace; Tiangge ring

Photos by Camille.

As you may have noticed, been sporting new hair. Yay! I have another batch of photos (focusing on the new hair colour) that I'll be sharing with you soon. :)


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