Monday, October 22, 2012

Razorback's 22nd Anniversary Party

 Yesterday marked the 22nd year of one of the Philippine's greatest rock acts, Razorback.

Taken from the Razorback Facebook page.

Read more about last year's Anniversary gig here and here.

With more than two decades of rock music, Razorback never disappoints. This year's anniv was certainly one for the books.

 Their Anniversary gig was held in Googel Bar, Mandaluyong. I loved the set up this year-- the stage, the open air, and all that space certainly put everyone in a rocking mood. 

Only Razorback has the King of rock and roll open.

And the music begins. 

The crowd was getting riled up. Proof that after years and years of playing, Razorback still has what it takes to rock out an audience. Last night's performance marked more than 2 decades of playing, an indication that these guys are here to stay and will continue to serenade rock music aficionados unto the following decade. Rock!

The setlist:

Tabi ng Bulkan/ Three Minutes of Glory/ Voodoo, Who Do?

Earthbound/ 29

Munting Paraiso/ Paghihintay/ You and Your Sins

Mr. Floyd/ Puerto Jam/ Atin-Atin Lang

Ayon Sa Kanya/ Giyang (jamming)/ Jealous Guy (cover)

Ikot ng Mundo/ Payaso/ Wakasan

LR, clockwise: Brian, Mael, and CJ before the gig started; My friends Mon and Bea with Razorback's Kevin Roy; Me and Bri, who is also Razorback's drummer (which may mean I am biased  but I never said anything about the band anyone else would contest); Razorback's Manuel Legarda with CJ; Monica with Razorback sans Kevin Roy; My sister Camille with Kevin; My lovely friends and I with Razorback roadie, who also happens to be celebrating his birthday; Monica with Manuel

And here we all are, friends and all of Razorback's musical glory.

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