Sunday, November 18, 2012

Saturday, away!

Saturday classes and posing in the hallways. Ah, the gloriousness of being a college student.

Another day added to the list of days spent in college's learning halls (hah!). Today the issue of parking cropped up again but thanks to my car's monster truck powers, I found a spot (one in between a pile of gravel and a mixture of sand and  grass) that satisfied my parking needs. The area was also perfect terrain for my combat boots, how about that.

Same old Saturday with nothing much happening. Just counting the days till graduation. My days of traipsing around and running after light for shoots in the campus are numbered!

The end of those classes and the start of the weekend was celebrated by running around a playground and getting on swings.

A friend's cut out top; F21 combat boots; Roxy watch and bag; DIY earcuff

Photos by Jani Diaz

(acck! Seems like my boots' days are numbered! Anyone know where I could get another great pair?)

At home on a Saturday night because I refuse to see Twilight.


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