Saturday, November 10, 2012

My dog says hi.

Friday outfit for an event.

If you know me, you'll know that I adore dogs. We have 9 now living with us, with the puppy Choo as the newest addition. I love how adorable dogs are and how you can never really know what goes on in those heads of theirs. Fiona, our labrador, and probably the oldest dog that we have like taking outfit shots with me (as is obvious with these photos).

As cute as Fiona seems to be, she can be very strong and careless. See evidence of her rowdiness on my thigh. I have started exercising lately and walking the dogs seemed like something fun I could do while burning calories. The dogs seemed to like the idea, too. Only they liked it too much they went crazy, and well, that's that.

Anyway, enough about Fiona and the dogs (yes, I can talk about them for hours on end). Wore this to an outdoor event that surprisingly involved running (don't ask). Added the cardigan so that it didn't seem too Tomb Raider-ish.

If you ask me, combat boots and shorts are the best combo. They win in terms of comfort and  take home the best-looking-lazy-outfit award.

Kashieka cardigan; Bazaar shirt and shorts; Gifted belt; 
F21 combat boots; gifted Accesorize necklace; Vintage Ray Ban shades

Photos by my father.

Confession: I really am clueless about fashion and all that. I have just recently started exploring the world of clothes and outfits. So, please let me know what you think about these looks and feel free to suggest anything. Thanks, everyone! 


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