Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SM Youth: Fashion Radar with Bjorn Bedayo

Jani (who is usually behind the camera) and I with Bjorn Bedayo (who is also usually behind the camera).

Last Saturday was the same as any Saturday-- school, shoots, and all the things in between except that nothing went as planned. My 8-6 p.m. class day was reduced to a 30 minute intro class. And with nothing to do for the rest of the day, Jani and I decided to shoot more.

It was a little after lunch when my classmate Ayds (also a blogger, check him out here) sent me a message about Bjorn being at school and a shoot for SM Youth x Campus Style. Honestly, I did not know who Bjorn really was when this all started and I blame the net and my weird surfing habits  (yeah, it's crazy that I know about the lady who married the Berlin Wall but have no idea what Bjorn x Manila is!). Googled him later on and I found his beautiful, beautiful photographs-- shame I haven't found them sooner.

So it was, on that Saturday afternoon, Bjorn shot a handful from the campus, including me and Jani (Yay!).

Here are a few detail photos of those who were part of the shoot: 

Forgive my awkward pose and visit the SM Youth Facebook page, check out the SBCA album

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