Saturday, November 10, 2012

Araneta tree lighting: Coke's 100th year in the Philippines

Coke celebrates it's 100 years in the country and what better way to do it than a tribute to the Filipino people on their favorite season-- Christmas.

The Filipino is known for their resilience in the face of any circumstance. Bright, genuine smiles appear on weary Filipino faces at the slightest provocation. Thus is the trademark of our nation-- one of the happiest in the world in spite all.

Coca Cola, also a staple at the Filipino dining table, has seen and experienced this Filipino trait in their 100 years in the country. Coca Cola now wishes to honor the Filipino and their enduring happiness.

"Open Happiness" is one of Coke's catch phrases. In keeping with the theme, Coca Cola prepares a grand event and salu-salo for this year's tree lighting.

There was a multitude in attendance and they were not disappointed. There was a wonderful spread (with lechon!) prepared and a whole lot of goodies (like cotton candy, popcornm and Dairy Queen! Yayy!). Kapuso and Kapamilya stars serenaded the audience as day turned to night.

Alden Richards and the lucky lady he serenaded.

And yet another lucky lady with Matteo Guidicelli.

The adorable Joseph Marco.

And the very pretty Jessy Mendiola.

Of course, everyone was thrilled! And then came the moment we were all waiting for.

The biggest tree I have ever seen came alive with music and radiant colors. And then, the lights came on. I was holding my breath. Through the fireworks and confetti, I could see that everyone else was equally amazed.

Just like that, it was over and Christmas had officially started.

The tree stands as Coke's reminder to everyone to "let happiness live on", something that Filipinos never really have a hard time doing. 

And now, on to more sights from the night.

Yep, coke bottles my size.

And the magic giveaway bus!

Me and Marita getting our "happiness" on (they were in the form of little Coke cupcakes we took home as giveaways).

Thank you so much Coke for that splendid display. It was awesome!
'Tis is definitely the season! 

Connect with Coke here on the Coca Cola Website or the Coke Facebook Page. You can also follow them on the Coke Twitter.

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