Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday always comes too late.

Say hello to an old friend: the blue wall.

I used to hate Sundays. I had felt like there was never anything to do, it always seemed like such a boring day. All this was before I decided that I was going to make my life's journey to that destination (wherever that may be) worthwhile.  

Instead of sitting and moping around all day like I used to, I decided to try new things. This is how I got to be a Mellow Student Jock, how I got to blog for WhenInManila, how I ended up with my dream internship, and even how this blog evolved into a fashion blog of sorts (believe me, I never imagined to be going this direction).

Somewhere along the way, I realized that "doing" all these different things somehow make up for all the things I thought I'd lost a chance to do.

These days, I savor every free Sunday that comes.

Decided to celebrate last week's do-no-work-Sunday by wearing something that resembled corporate attire (I was going to say office-y, but I think i just made that word up). Is this a peak into my future wardrobe? We'll see.

Top from Julia, Robinsons Department store; Old bazaar skirt; Genevieve Gozum belt;
 Primadonna Heels; Capiz earrings

For these shots, I decided to whip out the tripod. I used to take all outfit photos in front of this wall until I decided that it was getting boring-- and well, neighbours were staring at the girl next door who keeps on taking photos of her clothes.

Anyway, I have been quoting song titles again, and that's never good. That just means I've run out of my own words.


  1. I really love this "Sunday casual" look. Really love the sandals!


    1. Thanks so much, Terry! Thank you for dropping by. :)


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