Friday, November 9, 2012

The Cebu Party Boat!

I've been wanting to go on a vacation but present circumstances have not allowed me this luxury. For now, I settle by living vicariously through the internet (as I always do. hehehe).

In my research (yeah, let's call it that), I stumbled upon the coolest thing ever. 
This is the Cebu Party Boat:

From what I gather, the Cebu Party boat is like a mini cruise. 3 vacation days filled with beautiful sceneries, fun activities, and partying. Imagine staying at a 5 star hotel in Cebu's beautiful beach then cruising on the yacht, cocktail in hand. Paradise.

FIRST SAIL: Last October 5-7, 2012
UPCOMING SECOND SAIL: November 23-25, 2012
UPCOMING THIRD SAIL: December 7-9, 2012

Check it out, this might be the vacation you've been craving for.

As for me, reality comes-a-knocking. Excuse me as I bury my wanderlust with work.


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