Sunday, December 16, 2012

Acting all grown up in a blazer

After forever, a look post! An unexpectedly free Saturday afternoon led to a great lunch and an afternoon date at Jamba Juice with Jani (which is a very odd thing for me because I don't usually approve of their very delicious but expensive concoctions). This is what I wore.

The way I see it, there are certain things I've always believed to be grown-up wear. These things, which used to include those closed shoes with tassels, high cut office pants and those matching floral pant suits, are things I never imagined myself wearing. Blazers have been part of that category ever since I can remember-- they seemed too rigid and constricting to me then. But, what the hell, right? Those tasselled shoes have been looking pretty cute to me lately, too.

So, hello blazer! Thank you for making this ensemble look more responsible and polished. Without you I'd be just in jeans and a shirt. With you on, I am "a lady traipsing around town in a chic outfit that is a marriage of corporate and recreational wear". (Okay, don't mind my babbling. But If you are still here and minding it know that in my head that last bit in quotation marks had a snobby brit accent)

Yeah, leave it to me to have my blazer ruffled, by my bag strap nonetheless, while taking look shots. Yep. I find no adult in this photo.

Nor in this photo, or the following ones.

My cute stamp mani! Still experimenting on other patterns and designs but not bad for a first try, right? 

Tan Gan knitted shirt; Maldita blazer; Roxy Bag; DIY Rosary Necklace; Primadonna heels

Photos from Jani and her cool new lenses. Thanks, Ja!

Just a kid running around town in a blazer and really cute shoes. Hah.

It feels great to be back! Getting my camera tomorrow (hopefully) so that means I'm back in the game! Yeaaaah. 


  1. Love the shoes, jeans & shirt....<3 totally love it!..;)

  2. nice outfit isabel!! :)

  3. Funny I've never bumped into you at ATC.

  4. looking great ah. :)

  5. Hi Issa love the shoes!! IKR blazers are hard to wear but it makes the whole outfit complete

    1. Thank you, Trixie! Yep, it gives the outfit a new flavour. :)


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