Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Red & Green

At the risk of looking like a Christmas ornament, and to the delight of all those holiday fanatics out there, I dressed up in what I've always perceived to be THE Christmas colour combination: red and green.

Classes have more or less ended and what's remaining of our academic responsibilities, we try to finish as the holiday fever have all but engulfed our little side of the world. Yes, Christmas cheer and the holiday disposition in the Philippines is catching.

In a country where carols are played as early as September, it's a mystery why I do not see more people in these two colors (red and green) that I've dubbed, as mentioned earlier, as the all around Christmas colours.

Then again, I am still surprised at how I managed to pull this ensemble off without looking like a Christmas elf. I guess there's also your answer then: no one wants to look like an elf-- especially in times like these when dwarves are running around in quests to retake their homelands. (Oooookay, I had to make a Hobbit joke. Tell me if you get it!)

Back to the outfit-- like I've mentioned in a previous post, blazers are amazing! Without this red piece, I'd be clad in something I'd imagine to be "ROTC wear". Chuck in a blazer and a few accessories to the mix and you have a totally acceptable outfit, even when Christmas isn't so near.

Forever 21 Sunnies; Sam's Station Blazer; Bedazzle Necklace; Cuenca Bazaar Rings;
 Roxy watch and bag; SM Pants; Steve Madden Sandals

Many thanks to Jani and her wonderful camera for these photos. I dare say we're getting better at taking look photos, having finished this batch in 10 minutes!

My goofy face and walking around, trying to find "my light". A precious moment captured in this photograph which shows my true inelegant self.

Yeah, that's it for now. All this talk of Christmas is making me want to redesign our tree (which Choo, the dog, has decided to make into her personal play thing) and decorate the house more. Not gonna do that so going now. Bye!


  1. nice blazer color.:)


    1. Thank you, Sef! Paka lively lang no? Hehe

  2. Ahhh.. We have the same necklace! This is another inspiration for me. Gonna take note of this! :) Anndddddd, the perks of wearing sunglasses is to avoid weird stares from strangers. Hehehe! :)

    Bea of http://bea-ost.blogspot.com <3

    1. Hi Bea! Yeah, I love that necklace. It transforms outfits instantly. :) And yeah, shades also to hide behind because I'm too lazy to put makeup on. :)

  3. blazer!! rich color.. i wish i could wear sports jacket na blazer din!

    1. Thanks, Andrew! Hahaha! Those would be convenient!


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